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New Movie American 2018 ''War Machine''

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New Movie American 2018 ''War Machine''

หนังตลก The question at the end of the "war machine", inspired by "the runaway general," the magazine's finalist, National Magazine Award for Excellence in Reporting, by "Michael Hastings." (Mentions General Stanley McKrystal as commander of US and NATO Allied Forces in Afghanistan) "Hastings"Died of a car accident four years ago at the age of 33 years have written the history of "mcchrystal" in 2012 Named "the operators", caused a sense of resentment by reporting generals.


And his staff are criticizing Obama's war policy by saying that it leads "The chaos" of the story is an important part of Hastings's report. Still a war machine and how it works. That's why Rolling Stone wants to interview him.And that is why hollywood and netflix wanted to create a "war machine" by directing the Australian director "david michod". This movie was made into a military comedy and war film starring Brad. pitt to take to visit the situation of the war against terrorism. United States And the international army. Fighting protests in Afghanistan.

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